Thursday, April 23, 2009

Undergraduate Expository-Writing Awards

Jon Scott Nelson First-Year Writing Awards

Ashley Brown
“Perfect Imperfections”
Instructor: Jason Kapcala

Christopher Kees
“The Road to Social Righteousness (or How I Learned to Pick Up Girls)”
Instructor: Rebecca Schwab

Amy Purpura
“The Catch-22 of Medical Marijuana”
Instructor: Mary Angel Blount

Megan Thomas-Stevens
“The Selfish Gift I Gave That was Returned”
Instructor: Joy Greene

George Case, Owen Funck, Johanna Haggerty, Kenneth Hite, and Tessa Turek
“Energy Is Great”
Instructor: Randi Smith

Jon Scott Nelson Professional Writing and Editing Awards

First Place
Mark Guido
“Description of a Compound Light Microscope”
Instructor: Carolyn Nelson (English 305)

Second Place
Erin Long
“A Study of a Professional Book Editor at the West Virginia University Press”
Instructor: Scott Wible (English 301)

Third Place
Ashley Monahan
“Morgantown Vet Center Outreach”
Instructor: Elizabeth Juckett (English 304)

James Paul Brawner Expository Writing Awards


First Place
Marie Pellegrino
“Empowering the Feminine in M. Butterfly”
Instructor: Ryan Claycomb (English 342)

Second Place
Jessica Duda
“Gender and Family Dynamics in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and
Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire ”
Instructor: Adam Komisaruk (English 496)

Third Place
Jessica Murphy
Instructor: Ethel Smith (English 314)


First Place
Joanna Thompson
“Informed Argument Paper―Final Draft”
Instructor: Andrea Bebell

Second Place
Kelly Bryant
Twilight Takes a Bite Out of Feminist Movement”
Instructor: Erin Johns

Third Place
Brandy Hoover
“A National Disaster: Rebuilding a Welfare System Broken by Reform”
Instructor: Ryan Claycomb

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