Friday, April 24, 2009

And let's not forget EGO

---The English Grad Organization, which must be Ken.  

Look, here's Ken now, in his Mountaineer outfit:


  1. Excellent. This is the best blog ever!

  2. Agreed. Where else would we have learned that EGO clearly dyes its hair?

  3. You too can join the power of Ken dolls and dyed hair...

    Remember to vote for EGO officers, 2009-10. Send your votes to me by Thursday, April 30:

    Ph.D. representative to the GPC, who typically also serves as president: (vote for 1)
    *Jessica Queener

    MFA Rep, who typically serves as Vice-president: (vote for 1)
    *Charity Gingerich
    *Rebecca Schwab

    MA Rep: (vote for 1)
    *Margaret Quinn Hannan
    *Lindsey Joyce

    MA-PWE rep: (vote for 1)
    *Bryan Coyle

    Three activity chairs, whose primary responsibility is to organize events, i.e., the colloquium. (vote for up to 3)
    *Andrea Bebell
    *Erin Johns
    *Teresa Pershing

    -Cari, who is very impressed that Dennis was awake at 9:33 a.m. :)