Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion With The Tenants

I'm thinking if the tenants ever start a kick ball team (can we? please, please?) we'll have to invest in some jerseys--and what better than tees based on literary characters?

The LA Times recently did a round up on literary shirts, (read it here) but the stand out seems to be these sports team style shirts (flip through the company's look book here).

I've seen these on a couple different blogs so far (from the fug girls and also academic cog)
but figured it was still worth sharing here. I'm especially in love with the Bartelby insignia--that good ole' Scrivener, but the Captain Ahab and Poe (the number 13, naturally) have their own charm.


  1. Being eternally 14, I particularly liked the Moby Dick one.

    This is a bit Americo-centric, though. Shouldn't there be one that says something like "My Pilgrim went to Vanity Fair, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"?

  2. Um, kick ball---? I'll be way, way over there---on the swing set---if you need me...

  3. "I'm not Grendel's Mother, but my mother is"?