Monday, April 26, 2010

EGO Elections

To all Graduate Students: To cast your vote for the new group of EGO officers, please email Professor Cari Carpenter at Cari.Carpenter@MAIL.WVU.EDU

Ph.D. representative to the GPC, who typically also serves as president: (vote for 1)
*James Holsinger
*Aaron Perich

MFA Rep, who typically serves as Vice-president: (vote for 1)
*Micah Holmes
*Rebecca Schwab

MA Rep: (vote for 1)
*Jason Markins

MA-PWE rep: (vote for 1)
*Allison Hitt
*Ben Myers

Three activity chairs, whose primary responsibility is to organize events, i.e., the colloquium. (vote for UP TO 3)
*Kristen Davis
*Lisa Detweiler Miller
*Kate Ridinger
*Doug Terry


  1. I think folks should have to blog their campaign promises. Shorter theses and disses? Bowling every Wednesday?

  2. Yes to bowling. We need more bowling in this department. We never get to have any fun.

  3. Mary Ann: your wish is coming true. Stay tuned!