Tuesday, April 20, 2010

“Morgantown sure looks pretty from up here…”

—said Aaron Rote. Or at least I think he said it. Could have been someone else. We were on the patio at Montmartre (yes, I know: that name), the bar on the 8th floor at the Hotel Morgan, with visiting writer Dinty Moore, who had just given an amazing reading, and Morgantown was awfully sparkly. And just who was this “we”? Well, Dinty, of course, and several of our most, um, personable MFA students: Aaron Rote, Lauren Reed, and Jason Freeman, all recent defenders of their theses, and up-and-comers Rebecca Schwab, Heather Frese, and Alex Berge, and late-comer to the party Rachel King. We had a grand time. And I, for one, learned lots o’ things that I probably shouldn’t know. But don’t worry, I’m forgetting everything already. And why no picture? Well, because it was dark, and we were busy, especially Rebecca and Heather who, it seemed, ordered one dish after another, and some things are better left to the imagination anyway, no?

But the point is, we had fun. Next time, you should come with us.

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