Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes, poets do have quite a good time. Thanks for asking.

Just when you start to wonder if the grad poetry workshop really is The Most Fun Ever, you find out something like this….

Tonight’s final class of English 618 featured a buffet of fine foods, followed by workshop, followed by… Miller Lite and bowling in the Mountainlair!

High scorer was Aaron “Jack Tripper” Rote who bowled over 100 though this blogger can’t remember his actual score (114? 124?), probably because it was ever so slightly higher than hers.

Second was graduating poet Erin Veith who scored 98.  Nice job and congratulations, Erin!  We look forward to hearing you read on Thursday!

Third highest was their beloved teacher, yours truly, who wore her very own bowling shoes (thanks, Dad!) and scored an impressive 92.

All other bowlers---Charity Gingerich, Kori Frazier, Christina Rothenbeck, Lauren Reed, and Tori Moore---also earned very respectable scores.

Danielle Ryle sat this one out, but did provide moral support, which, as everyone knows, is absolutely crucial to good bowling.

Though the pin-setting-down-thing-y was slow and the balls were nicked and pocked and the graphics on the scoreboard were pretty lame (“Good Try!” said a cheerleader), everyone had The Best Time Ever.

The event was commemorated by a photo, taken by The Bowling Dude who, only moments before, had been waxing the lanes and minding his own business.

All in all, it was a magical evening and, of course, the perfect finale to another memorable (and life-changing) poetry workshop.


  1. Well, dang...now that I see how much fun it can be, I want to be a poet. Where do I sign up? :-)

  2. And you haven't even seen the "l'art pour l'art" bowling shirts yet.

  3. Aaron was a solid 114, all because his last bowl was a strike - dumb luck if you ask me.

    And "respectable" is a nice euphemism for sad and small. Thank you.

  4. What a perfect summary to a great evening! :)

  5. Thanks Mary Ann. That was a great end to one of the most memorable creative writing classes I've ever been in!

  6. Thanks Mary Ann, not only for the bowling, but for not publishing my very low bowling score! Poetry Bowling League, anyone? We could challenge the fiction people!