Monday, April 19, 2010

Congratulations to Our Very Talented MFA Students...

... who recently defended their theses. We’re in awe of you. And yes, you may now buy us drinks and name your children after us.

In creative nonfiction:

Emily Watson: Still Life. Committee: Kevin Oderman (chair), Mary Ann Samyn, Jay Dolmage

In fiction:

Tony Clavelli: Your Silver Nose. Committee: Mark Brazaitis (chair), Emily Mitchell, Jim Harms

Ann Claycomb: Artists’ Engagements. Committee: Emily Mitchell (chair), Kevin Oderman, Mark Brazaitis

Patrick Faller: Karaoke: a novel. Committee: Mark Brazaitis (chair), Kevin Oderman, Jim Harms

Kori Frazier: My City Was Gone. Committee: Emily Mitchell (chair), Mark Brazaitis, Ellesa High

Jason Freeman: Intersect. Committee: Emily Mitchell (chair), Ethel Morgan Smith, Mary Ann Samyn

Jason Kapcala: Lodi. Committee: Kevin Oderman (chair), Emily Mitchell, Jim Harms

In poetry:

Lauren Reed: The Wonder Is Why. Committee: Mary Ann Samyn (chair), Jim Harms, Mark Brazaitis

Aaron Rote: the last look out! Committee: Jim Harms (chair), Mary Ann Samyn, Michael Germana

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