Thursday, April 28, 2011

Registration deadline for the Summer Seminar is nigh!

Tenants and friends, just a reminder that the deadline to register for the English Department's 2011 Summer Seminar in Literary and Cultural Studies is tomorrow, April 29th.* 

This summer's topic is "American Magic: The Fates of Folk and Fairy Tales in the Appalachians," and the seminar will run from June 9-12.  Carl Lindahl of the University of Houston, whose scholarship in both medieval literature and folklore has been highly praised, is the seminar leader. 

The seminar explores the Appalachian märchen tradition, with emphasis on the disjunctions, gaps, and misunderstandings in much of the work on these traditions:  in particular, we'll consider why most of the documented examples of such tales come from men, when women seem to have been the more active tellers of these stories, and also why West Virginia is underrepresented in collections of Appalachian märchen.

If your only exposure to Appalachian folktales is through Richard Chase's Jack Tales, join us to discover how much more complex and varied this tradition really is.  This is a non-credit seminar, so you only need to do the readings and enjoy the discussions--no papers, no exams, no stress.

Details and a downloadable registration form are available here.  Grad students in the English Department can register at the discounted rate of $125!

*Well, OK.  Realistically, we can probably take registrations for another week or so. But please, don't delay!

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