Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Visit to the Enchanted Forest

Over the weekend, this poet had a spine-tingling experience. In a suburb of Baltimore, the 50-some year old relics of a childrens' park is being reconstructed. So we entered The Enchanted Forest, beginning with Rapunzel leaning out of her castle and ending with um, Jonah and Robin Hood. In between were the houses of the 3 little pigs, bears, and the Old Woman's Shoe. Mother Goose would be so proud!

Here is an excerpt, and may I stress excerpt, of the photos my wonderful sidekick took:

Goldilocks is frightened!

House of the 3 Little Bears (and yes, they are at home!)

House of the 3 Little Pigs. (And yes, they have made a pelt of their fox!)

And finally...a prototype of our teaching selves. Yes?


  1. Yes! The little school house, leaning this way and that! So sweet! And the three bears and the three pigs... though shouldn't that be a wolf pelt? Anyway, I love love love fairy tale villages. Especially Storybook Gardens, in London, Ontario. Went there a bunch of times when I was little. Hey, Jay, if you're reading this, can you check out Storybook Gardens and let me know if it's still there?

  2. Oh YES! I meant to say wolf. Foxes are so foxy about mixing one up. :)