Friday, April 22, 2011

Congratulations, Kirk Hazen!

Well, our recent department luncheon may not have been quite like Monet imagined, but it was our special event for honoring students and faculty for excellence in writing and teaching, in research and service. And doesn't "luncheon" sound lovely? We certainly think so.

Among the more mysterious honors is the Captain Neely Award. If anyone can explain that one, TCH would be most grateful.

Among the best-kept-secret awards is Sigma Tau Delta's annual bestowing of favor upon an outstanding teacher. This year's recipient is Professor Kirk Hazen, famous—and, TCH ventures to say, infamous—for his linguistics courses. The award was presented by senior English major Yonina Hoffman who, one surmises, was one of the "wonderfully talented students" who Professor Hazen says he's been lucky to have "waltz through" his classes, our department, and STD.

So, kudos to the students of Sigma Tau Delta for their excellent choice, and congratulations to Kirk... for impressing our most impressive students. Nice job.

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  1. I'm not quite sure how picnics in Victorian costumes enhance the discussion of The Great Vowel Shift, but, if it works.....

    Seriously, congratulations, Kirk!