Thursday, May 9, 2013

Who Let the Blogs Out?

It was little remarked in the national media, but, on April 16, The Tenants of Colson Hall turned four (the blog; some of the actual Tenants are older).

In the past four years, we've managed to gather 67 followers, which is four more fans than Insane Clown Posse now has, and to amass, as of this very moment, 99,389 pageviews (so please hit "refresh" 611 times) (do it now).

Our most popular post of all time is "Hello Kitty Says...." from December 4, 2010, possibly because of the graphic, although the Tenants prefer to believe that this is because it chronicles the writing achievements of Mlles Beans, Gingerich, Frese, and Sundberg. Next in popularity are a tribute by Mary Ann to Alice Munro and, as Professor Gouge pointed out at the time, a post where I rick-rolled myself.

Now, we will admit that we have let the blog Google itself, and, in the process, it turned up the following information from WebStatsDomain:

The blog is 100% safe (and, we will add, hypoallergenic).

The blog has an SEO score of 17%, which doesn't sound good enough to get it into a really top notch kindergarten so Mary Ann and I may have to continue home-schooling for awhile.

Perhaps most interesting is the news that the blog has a value of $847 (equivalent to either 2 or 830 Bitcoins, depending on what day of the week it is). Sometimes, sitting on the porch of an evening, Mary Ann and I talk about selling up and trying our luck homesteading in Nebraska but then the light slants just right through the dogwood trees and we think, "Well, maybe next year."

Coda: To justify the horrifying pun in the title, which requires discussion of more than one blog, I should add that, like a Norman Lear sitcom of the 1970's, the blog has its own spin-offs, the most active of which may very well be The Bolton Writing Workshops blog, which is always lively, interesting, and, best of all, has lots of graphics.


  1. Oh, it is/was our birthday! How exciting for us! If only we had enough party hats for all the Tenants and all our readers!

  2. Where in the world are we going to get 99,000 party hats?