Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cicada Summer

Oh, Tenants, the cicadas! I know you know. Or, if you're lucky and live in some other part of the country, you don't. Count your blessings. My cat and dog and I all are close to having breakdowns because of the noise. To say nothing of the flying about. It's a mating frenzy; we just happen to be in the way.

Meanwhile, my summer grad class exchanges daily cicada updates (latest news: there's quite a swarm along the Pleasant Street bridge. Don't say we didn't warn you.), discusses the history of free verse, and, for education and pleasure, scans poems! Yes! Here's Steph Buongiorno standing beside one of our scansions. We work together, of course, but because Steph LOVES going to the board, she's our designated maker of the marks.