Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good news for our recent graduates...and some advice for undergrads

Yet another survey in which employers say they prefer to hire liberal-arts majors with "soft skills": the ability to communicate, be flexible, and work well with others.  Thirty percent of employers said they'd be looking to hire liberal-arts grads this year, while only eighteen percent said they'd be looking to hire finance and accounting majors.

Here's an even more significant statistic, though:  a whopping 91% of employers said they "think students should've had one or more internships in the past."  An internship is a built-in part of the English major's Professional Writing and Editing concentration, but that doesn't mean that majors outside of PWE can't rack up these (apparently hugely) valuable experiences.

Check out the WVU Career Service's office's extensive list of links about internship possibilities worldwide.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dr. Rodimtseva

The Tenants were very pleased to see the following recent announcement from Katy Ryan: "Congratulations to Irina Rodimtseva who defended her wonderful dissertation, 'In Search of a Dream America: Place-Connectedness in East European Life Writing.' Her committee members were Katy Ryan, Gwen Bergner, Tim Sweet, Cari Carpenter, and Nancy Condee (U of Pittsburgh). Many thanks to Irina for her inspiring work and to the committee for a great conversation. A perfect end to the semester." Congratulations to Dr. Rodimtseva!