Thursday, April 30, 2009


Although TCH has already attracted interest from as far away as Pittsburgh, we are always looking for ways to increase our readership (and, hence, the number of people who become aware of the many positive aspects of our department). So far, however, the suggestions we've received for increasing our web traffic have been a bit disappointing, viz:

1. Liveblog the faculty meetings. Downside: having to read a liveblog from the faculty meetings.

2. In the spirit of puppy cam: GTA cam. We put a plate of WV cookies and some alcohol in 130 Colson and watch as they cavort, nap, and tumble over one another. Downside: ungraded portfolios; extensive cleanup.

Needless to say, if you have better ideas for promoting The Tenants of Colson Hall, we'd love to hear from you.


  1. My suggestions are:


  2. Well, under the assumption that many of us in Colson Hall know other bloggers, we could attempt to network and ask those other bloggers to guest blog. Upon writing a guest blog for us, they would post a link to TCH in their own blog. In theory this would direct their readership to us. Hopefully a portion of their readership would be interested and return.

    For example:
    1. Perhaps Dr. Komisaruk could convince Wendy Belcher to blog an entry for us?
    2. Maybe "Sisyphus" could be asked as well?
    3. Could Dr. Claycolmb request a guest entry from any of the several blogs he has already linked us to here?

    Even if other blogs cannot guest blog here, there is opportunity for a shameless plug (if we are shameless enough to ask for it)to our blog in the very least :-).

  3. Of course, this is a possible way to get new readers TO our blog. We'll have to figure out ways to KEEP them coming back. As far as that goes, I can't offer better than GTA cam or Bowling!

  4. Unfortunately, Wendy Belcher doesn't have a blog per se. What about a mass e-mail to English Department alumni, alerting them to the existence of TCH?

  5. These are great! Keep 'em coming. And it seems clear that what we really need is a GTA Bowling Cam--everything you want, all at once.

  6. Oh yes, GTA bowling cam! Do you think Miller Lite would provide sponsorship?