Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First C.A.L.F. Reading a Success

Last night, the undergraduate writing organization C.A.L.F. held its first reading at The Blue Moose Café. C.A.L.F. was founded as a way for undergraduate writers to get together to workshop outside of class. At this event, seniors Keegan Lester, Paul Miller, and Holt Barnitz read poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. They also invited writer Renée Nicholson, their former instructor, to read with them. The event was well attended by local artists, family, friends, and students from WVU, including the graduate program and its representative organization EGO, and members of the graduate writing organization COW. The readers all did an excellent job, and their warmth and gratitude made this reading a success. Congratulations, C.A.L.F.!

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