Monday, May 13, 2013

EGO President's Farewell Address, and Announcement of the 2013-2014 EGO Administration

My Fellow EGOists,
Well chums, looks like we made it through another year more or less in one piece.

I’ll keep this fairly short. On behalf of myself and the other 2012-2013 EGO officers, thank you all for contributing to a successful year of EGO events and activities. Yes, we had a few rough patches, but overall I think everything went well. We introduced two new lecture series—the Current Thoughts and EGO Arts series—and the colloquium was a triumph. Again, our thanks to everyone involved in making these events happen; hopefully the next administration will continue to get your fantastic support.
Also, a special thanks to Lowell Duckert, whose advising and help this past year has been invaluable

Speaking of the 2013-2014 EGO Administration, the new officers will be:
EGO President/PhD Rep: Jeff Yeager (
Vice-President/MFA Rep: Jesse Kalvitis (
Secretary/PWE Rep: Will Deaton (
Treasurer/MA Rep: Carol Fox (
Undergrad Writing Council Liaison: Whitney Sandin (
Activities Officers: Amanda Bailey (
                        Harrington Weihl (
                        An undecided third officer

Again, thank you all for the chance to serve as your EGO President.

Phillip Zapkin

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