Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mike Buso is Famous, Part II

Colson Hall after Finals, Spring 2013 (artist's conception)
As is always the case with the end of the semester, the world has been too much with us recently, and grading and Starbucks have certainly laid waste our powers. In short, the Tenants have been a bit harried, Colson Hall is a mess, and we are way behind on reporting the latest news. Just yesterday, Mary Ann found a large stack of postcards stuffed carelessly in a lozenge box in her summer sitting room (the small one), and the missing sheaf of unopened telegrams, it turned out, was being used as a sort of booster seat by the stable boy at the dining table in the Servants' Hall.

To begin catching you up:

Mike Buso has been awarded The Winifred South Knutti Graduate Scholarship in Women's Studies for 2013-2014 for his work in LGBT and Gender Studies and his General Awesomeness. The Tenants would like to think that the scholarship is accompanied by a small statuette (a "Winnie") with a very densely engraved plaque.

Congratulations to Mike!

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