Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Reading: Theory

As promised, here's the list of suggested theoretical readings for the Proseminar, just in case you want to spend the summer learning about money.

Mary McAleer Balkun. The American Counterfeit. Tuscaloosa, AL: U of Alabama P, 2006.
Jacques Derrida. Given Time. I. Counterfeit Money. Chicago, IL: Chicago UP, 1994.
Jean-Joseph Goux. Symbolic Economies. Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, 1990.
Frederic Jameson. The Political Unconscious. Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, 1981.
Mary Poovey. Genres of the Credit Economy. Chicago, IL: Chicago UP, 2008.
Marc Shell. Money, Language, and Thought. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins UP, 1993
Martha Woodmansee and Mark Osteen, eds. The New Economic Criticism: Studies at the Intersection of Literature and Economics. New York: Routledge, 1999.

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