Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graduate Students and Listservs

It was brought to my attention at the recent GPC meeting that several of the graduate students aren't receiving all the emails that they should throughout the semester. It was discussed and we have decided to take several steps to ensure that everyone is on all of the listservs that they should be on.

As a graduate student you should be on the main listserv, the graduate listserv, and/or the Ph.D./MFA listserv, and/or the 101/102 listserv.

For the incoming graduate students there will be a memo prepared for them that indicates which listservs they should be on. Hopefully, this will help them determine if they are or are not receiving the appropriate emails.

The other step that is going to be taken is that there will be a scheduled "test" email sent out to all the listservs at least twice a semester. This will help everyone determine if they are on the correct listservs and therefore receiving the correct emails.

If you think that you are not on all of the listservs please let someone know ASAP. There are several listservs and they all have different managers.

Main listserv: Michele Marshall
Graduate, MFA, and Ph.D. listserv: Amanda Riley
101 and 102 listserv (these are two separate listservs): Mary Vasquez

All of this is still in the planning stages and will go in to effect the beginning of the Fall semester. If you are ever in doubt about being on the correct listservs please ask.


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