Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make Way for Ducklings

For more proof that English grad students are worthy every penny we pay them---and more!---just read this duck-saving experience, as narrated by Charity Gingerich:

Danielle Ryle and I were ambling up University Ave., our destination being the Starbucks/bookstore, our reason for ambling the pile of grading back at the library. Imagine our delight when a momma duck quite literally popped out of the bushes with her brood of twelve--still wobbly on the legs! What struck me was momma duck's nonchalance. She seemed unconcerned that her kiddos couldn't hop the curbs with her as she foraged for food. Many a little guy would try to make the leap and then tumble down on his still surely-sticky backside with nary a quack of solace. I kept saying "they look like giant bumblebees!" And I'm sure those around me thought me quite nuts. Danielle and I were so worried they'd try to cross the street... which they did, several times! We kept following them around, ready to protect and defend. Others felt the calling as well. I was rather touched and relieved to see the responses of other pedestrians, though momma duck wasn't. She showed one guy her bill in no uncertain terms (much as one would give "the finger") when he tried to get too helpful.  And then a cop showed up! Danielle and I thought surely he had more important matters to attend to, though we meant to bring the ducks to his attention.  Imagine our surprise when he seemed to be having a conversation with someone else about "the family at large." After this we felt it safe and morally Ok to move on, buy coffee, and get back to grading. 

Good work!  Now, finish reading those 101 portfolios...

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  1. YES!!! Best kids book EVER!!!!!!! Okay, one of them anyway. I always liked Goodnight Moon. And Corduroy.