Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 EGO Colloquium Poster and Schedule

Please join us for the 2013 English Graduate Organization Colloquium on the theme of Memory.
This year’s keynote address will be:
“The Novelist as Prophet: Memory in Don Delillo’s Falling Man
Given by Daniel Shank Cruz of Westminster College

The Colloquium will also feature panels, roundtables, creative writing readings, and a plenary session of WVU faculty.

Saturday 13 Apr. 2013
Colson Hall (Registration outside 130)

West Virginia University English Graduate Organization
2013 Graduate Colloquium
Sat. 13 Apr. 2013


8:30-8:45: Meet & Greet, Coffee Time

8:45-9: Welcome & Official Opening of Colloquium, Colson 130

9-10:20: First Session

Colson 130—Something that Stands Still: A Creative Writing Panel of Collected Memories
            Moderator—Sadie Shorr-Parks
  • Christina Seymour, West Virginia University
  • Rebecca Childers, West Virginia University
  • Morgan O’Grady, West Virginia University
  • Sadie Shorr-Parks, West Virginia University

Colson G06—(Traumatic) Encounters
            Moderator—Crystal Harper
  • Amanda Bailey, West Virginia University —“Ghosts from the Past: Memory-making and the Sensual Experience”
  • Mallory Findlay, Georgetown University—“Bearing Witness: Trauma and Narration in Melmoth the Wanderer
  • Shaunté Montgomery, Howard University—“‘Look Closely on His [or Her] Body’: The Cycle of Trauma in David Chariandy’s Soucouyant

Colson 223—Prosem Roundtable
            Moderator—Ryan Fletcher

10:30-11:30: Plenary Session, Colson 130
  • John Jones
  • Jim Harms
  • Sarah Neville
  • Lowell Duckert
  • Kevin Oderman
  • Catherine Gouge

11:30-1: Lunch Break, Morgantown

1-2:20: Second Session

Colson 130—Literary Memory
            Moderator—Valerie Surrett
  • Ryan Fletcher, West Virginia University—“‘O Cursed Folk of Herodes al Newe’: Navigating the Anti-Semitism of Chaucer’s Prioress”
  • Jeff Yeager, West Virginia University—“‘The Horses Share a Common Soul’: Myth, Identity, & Deep Ecology in John Steinbeck’s To a God Unknown & Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses

Colson G06— Carried Countenances: Issues of Identity and Memory in the Work of Charles Dickens
            Moderator: Dominique Bruno
  • Phillip Zapkin, West Virginia University—“‘Rewriting His Destiny’: Jack Maggs, Competing Writers, and Narrative Discourse”
  • Dominique Bruno, West Virginia University—“‘As if I was your Doll or Puppet’: Ventriloquism and Identity in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend
  • Kayla Kreuger McKinney, West Virginia University—“In that bony light: Museum and Marriage Networks in Our Mutual Friend

Colson G18—Rhetoric and Style
            Moderator—Bonnie Thibodeau
  • Andi Stout, West Virginia University—“Couch Burners Serving Pineapple Upside-down Cake: Talking about Disruption in the Composition Classroom”
  • Amanda Berardi, Carnegie Mellon University—“Deconstructing the Urban Frontier: An Analysis of the Role of Media Discourse in the Revitalization of Braddock, Pennsylvania”
  • Nita Shippy, West Virginia University—“Styling Your Space: The Influence of Cognitive Spaces on Style-Shifting”
  • Jay Kirby, West Virginia University—“As We Think: Examining Memory in Electronically Mediated Work”

2:30-3:30: Keynote Address, Colson 130
  • Daniel Shank Cruz, Westminster College—“The Novelist as Prophet: Memory in Don Delillo’s Falling Man

3:40-5: Session Three

Colson 130—Film
            Moderator—Ryan Fletcher
  • Autumn Athey, West Virginia University—“Black Power and Patriarchy in Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood”
  • Maureen Pearson, Howard University—“‘The Exceptional Negro’: Phrenology and Cultural Memory in Django Unchained
  • Yvonne Hammond, West Virginia University—“‘Get Some’: Fact-Finding, History, and Waiting for Someday in Jarhead, Stuff Happens, & Generation Kill

Colson G06—Creative Writing
            Moderator—Kelly Sundberg
  • Jesse Kalvitis, West Virginia University
  • Rebecca Thomas, West Virginia University
  • Rebecca Doverspike, West Virginia University

Colson G18— The Novel Novel: Form, Discourse, and the Emergence of the Early Novel
            Moderator—Harrington Weihl
  • Will Van Camp, Independent Scholar—“The Silent Language of Love: Silence and Satire in Oroonoko
  • Whitney Sandin, West Virginia University—“(Re)Defining the Novel: From Fantomina to Pamela
  • Harrington Weihl, West Virginia University—“The Shift from Epistolary to Gothic Novels in Colonial North America”

Colson 223—Recalling the Surveys: Various Approaches to Teaching the Literature Survey Course, Roundtable
·        Andrea Bebell, West Virginia University
  • Jessica Queener, West Virginia University
  • Teresa Pershing, West Virginia University
  • Kate Ridinger, West Virginia University

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