Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dr. Justus

Dr. Justus, at the precise moment of transformation.

The Tenants are very pleased to announce that regular, normal graduate student Jeremy C. Justus has become Dr. Justus. The apotheosis occurred during a conversation with his dissertation committee, a far-flung and distinguished group: Judith Halberstam, Donald Hall, Judith Roof, and Timothy Sweet, as well as yours truly. Since much of the dissertation defense centered around issues of privacy, agency, and subjectivity in an era of hyper-surveillance, with Facebook serving as a continual example of new forms of both narrative and self-fashioning, it was apt that this photo hit hundreds of people's newsfeeds even as the committee was still congratulating him.


  1. What a fine and distinguished committee you all were. The reads, wonderfully, like an Onion story, but I happen to know it's true. Congratulations, Doctah Justus!