Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Writing Contest Winners

Jon Scott Nelson Freshmen Creative Writing Contest


First Place
Shana Burleson
Instructor: Tom Sura

Second Place
Caleb Milne
Instructor: Amanda Cobb

Third Place
Ifunanya Okonkwo
“Multi−Angle Personal Narrative”
Instructor: Christina Seymour


Jon Scott Nelson First-Year Writing Award


Samantha Clarkson
“What’s Up Broski?!”
Instructor: Marianne Casey

Alyssa Noe
“69th Street”
Instructor: Jessica Guzman

James O’Hara
“The Price of Parity”
Instructor: (not listed on entry)


Jon Scott Nelson Professional Writing and Editing Award


Celeste Lantz
Zoos: Pure Entertainment or Source for Humanity?
Instructor: Teresa Pershing


Waitman Barbe Creative Writing Contest


Fiction Division
Sarah Hartman
“The Old Man and the Whelks”
Instructor: Rebecca Thomas

Honorable Mention:
Allison Eckman
Instructor: Shane Stricker


Non-fiction Division
Katie Quinnelly
“The Insecurities of Fungi”
Instructor: Ellesa High

Honorable Mention:
Stephanie Anderson
“The Big Farm”
Instructor: Kevin Oderman

Poetry Division
Caleb Stacy
Various poems
Instructors: Mark Brazaitis and Glenn Taylor

Honorable Mention:
Travis Mersing
Various poems
Instructors: Mary Ann Samyn and Glenn Taylor


James Paul Brawner Expository Writing Contest


Undergraduate Division

First Place
Jennifer Head
“Rake Reformation as Performative in Richardson’s Pamela: Exploring Gendered Notions of Sexuality and Reputation in the Eighteenth Century
Instructor:  Marilyn Francus

Second Place
Jordan Lovejoy
“On the Bright Side, I’m Not an Illiterate Virgin Anymore: Challenges to Sexual Content in the Young Adult Novels Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging and Speak
Instructor:  Rosemary Hathaway

Third Place
Shana Burleson
“Remarks on Remarks”
Instructor: Tom Sura


102 Division

First Place
Logan Michael
“Dying Environment or Just Dead Space?”
Instructor: Erin Johns Speese

Second Place
Christopher Seal
Undoing the American Females Sexual Stigmas to Reduce Gender-Based Inequality
Instructor: Teresa Pershing

Third Place
Jasmine Gonzalez
“The Cost of Success: An Educational Encumbrance in the American Dream”
Instructor: Anne Cain

Graduate Division

First Place
Aaron Percich
“I sea.  The See: Envisioning the Postcolonial in ‘Proteus’”
Instructor: Lisa Weihman

Second Place

Dibyadyuti (Dibs) Roy
“Reassessing the Nuclear Public Sphere: Nuclear Counterpublics and Deabstracting the ‘Secret’ Bomb through Nucliteracy
Instructor: Adam Komisaruk



Russ MacDonald Graduate Creative Writing Contest

Fiction Division
Shane Stricker

“Every Animal Which Parts the Hoof and Is Not Cloven-Footed”
Instructor: Glenn Taylor

Honorable Mention:
Rebecca Thomas
“Stage Three”
Instructor: Mark Brazaitis


 Nonfiction Division
Rebecca Doverspike
“If it Were Mine to Give”
Instructor: Ethel Morgan Smith

Honorable Mention:
Hannah McPherson
“A Psalm for my Father”
Instructor: Ethel Morgan Smith

Poetry Division
Melissa Atkinson
Various Poems
Instructor: James Harms

Honorable Mention:
Sara Kearns
Various poems
Instructors: James Harms and Mary Ann Samyn


Appalachian Writing Award

Caleb Stacy
“The Burning of Wilsondale”
Instructors: Mark Brazaitis (English 318) and Glenn Taylor (English 418)

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  1. Is there any particular reason there wasn't a third place awarded for the graduate division of the James Paul Brawner Contest?