Thursday, April 25, 2013

The PWE Poster Exhibition 2013

On Tuesday the Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) program hosted the biannual PWE Poster Exhibition. PWE concentrators are required to complete a capstone in professional or technical communication, and their posters are an opportunity for them to showcase their work for the university community. This year, fourteen students shared posters at the event, representing a diverse range of internships, from a community medical center and legal advocacy, to electronic publishing and social media marketing.

Prizes are awarded for the best posters, and this semester the top prize went to Terri Parlett for her poster "Fit to Print," which showcased her work at Fitness Information Technology (FiT). 

                                Second runner up was Stephanie Barbian

                                    Third runner up went to Angel Ninan.

                            The displays were fantastic. What great talent! 


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