Thursday, August 2, 2012

Look how studious!

In case you were wondering if any real work happens in summer grad classes, I can assure you the answer is yes.

And here's photographic proof from yesterday's ENGL 693Y class.

That's Lyric Poetry, in case you were wondering, and, yes, we now know the differences among pastorals, idylls, bucolics, eclogues, and georgics. Just ask us.

(In the background: Jeremiah Shelor, Ashleigh Petts, Amanda Bailey; in the foreground: Christina Seymour---mostly hidden!---, Rebecca Thomas, Connie Pan)

Also, though they look very serious here---and of course that's a good thing---they were laughing just a moment before I took this photo. Lyric poetry is fun! Despite all the death and despair and stuff.

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  1. I am simply enacting Sharon Cameron's conception of loss in Emily Dickinson poems: "the temporal signs of presence and absence concentrate or condense their meanings as if in opposition to the lexical frameworks from which they receive both ostensible structure and meaning."

    Am I present or absent in this photo? A little of both? Neither? We can't really say...