Friday, March 2, 2012

Zachary Schomburg Live at 123

This Tuesday, March 6th, the poet Zachary Schomburg is stopping by Morgantown on his cross-country tour. He and his troupe will be performing at 123 Pleasant Street at 8:00 p.m. Please come! This will be an unusual and entertaining event.

One Amazon reviewer calls Schomburg's work "scary and beautiful." Another says it's "troubling, brilliant, deceptively playful."

I'll let you decide:


From the very beginning I knew exactly what would kill me. Regardless, I
convinced myself that it could be anything. I convinced myself that what
would kill me would be made up of any of the random things that would kill
anybody else. When I walked my dog around the neighborhood, I saw what
would kill me hovering in the trees. When I swam in the ocean, I felt what
would kill me nudging at my ankles. At the grocery store: behind the cereal
boxes. I grew old like this, seeing what would kill me on my dinner plates, in
the rabbit cages. I grew old distracting myself from what I knew to be true.
And then, just like I knew it would, it came late one night, booming with
slowness, from the fjords.

–from Fjords, Vol. 1

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