Monday, March 5, 2012

Live from AWP, sort of

Well I tried to live blog from AWP but it just wasn't possible from the depths of the Chicago Hilton. But here we are---or were---sitting at the first-ever WVU table.

Many thanks to Rebecca Thomas and Connie Pan for lugging all our books to Chicago and doing such an excellent job showcasing our program. Seriously, these two should go into sales. Jim, Glenn, and I pretty much just had to sit there for, like, an hour, while Connie and Rebecca fielded questions and offered candy and sold books and worked the crowd for hours on end.

Current MFAs Kelly Sundberg, Rebecca Doverspike, and Andi Stout were also in attendance, and it was great to see some of our alumni (or at least know they were floating about), including Kelly Moffett, Katie Fallon, Molly Brodak, Lori D'Angelo, and Wayne Thomas.

If I'm forgetting anyone, it's only because there were, like, over 9000 people there. Yes. Really. Nuts. Next time, you come too.

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