Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Graduate Academy Summer Courses and Workshops

For all your professionalization needs:

Preparing Future Faculty Workshop: May 9-10

This 2-day workshop provides detailed information on applying for college faculty positions, working at different kinds of institutions, and the criteria for promotion and tenure. See for more details and registration information.

STEM Entrepreneurship Essentials: June 4-6

Science Entrepreneurship Essentials is a 3-day program for doctoral students in the science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. The program will prepare you for a leadership role in developing or managing a business. You will learn how to best negotiate personnel issues, financial planning, marketing, and strategy for your company. See to register and apply for scholarship funding.

Grant Writing Summer Course GRAD 593 (2 credits): summer session 1

This course prepares students to write a grant to any major funding agency or private foundation.

WV Institute for Undergraduate Science Education:  June 3-8

This one-week seminar provides tangible ways to promote active learning in teaching undergraduate STEM courses. See for more information.

Write Winning Grants Workshop: June 21

This one-day workshop offers an overview of how to create a persuasive grant proposal. A registration form will soon be available on

Dissertation Boot Camp, Humanities and Social Sciences: May 14-18

Dissertation Boot Camp, Hard Sciences: July 9-13

These one-week programs combine structured writing time, workshops on writing topics, peer critique, and individual consultations. They provide a supportive environment to help doctoral students refine their projects and structure their writing.   

See for more details and registration information.

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