Thursday, June 30, 2011

We have not forgotten about you, our faithful readers!

So it's the end of June and the blog is, well, languishing as it has every right to do.

Nonetheless, don't think we've forgotten about you or that we aren't improving our minds while baking in the sun. We are English majors! We are always paying attention!

Even when we're on vacation.

As I was recently. In La Quinta, California (think: Palm Springs), where I had time to kind-of-read and not-really-write and where I sat where Greta Garbo once sat (!!!) and figured out the secret to successful screenwriting.

That's right, Garbo came to La Quinta, the resort that gave its name to a town, to be "let alone."

This was her favorite spot:

And here's the historical marker that proves it:

As the sign says, sometimes she let John Gilbert hang out with her. In case you don't remember him, here they are together:

Yep, I know, there's a lot to say about that photo. And they sure don't make movies like that anymore.

And speaking of movies... La Quinta is also where Frank Capra holed up... in the very lovely San Anselmo casita.... to write some stuff you may have heard of: "It Happened One Night," "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," "You Can't Take It with You," "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Meet John Doe," and—brace yourself—"It's a Wonderful Life."

The resort was, he said, his "Shangri-La for script writing."

I guess so.

... and that's all you have to do, too: just head to the desert, check into a swanky hotel, order some room service, and start writing. What are you waiting for?

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