Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jimmy Fortuna: An English Major Makes Good

Mr. Fortuna
Some of the Tenants were sitting in the Billiards Room the other night talking about what the undergraduate majors were up to, and one of the first names to come up was Jimmy Fortuna's. In addition to being a double major in English and History (although, in Colson Hall, our voices drop to a whisper at the "and" point of that), Jimmy is Music Director of WWVU FM, the WVU radio station better known as U92 and perhaps even better known as The Moose, and it seems that CMJ (the College Music Journal) has nominated him as one of the five best music directors in the country along with nominations for the station as Best Community Resource and as Most Improved. There's even an awards ceremony in New York City this week, which, we gather, is sort of like the Emmys of college radio. Rest assured that the Tenants will be at the train station to see him off. We've already sent his tux out to be cleaned.

The nominations can be found here. There's a whole feature on Jimmy in, which is here and which even discusses the epiphanic moment in which he realized he wanted to major in English (and History). And, especially if you're an alum suffused with nostalgia, you might be interested in checking out U92's webpage, which is here.

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