Monday, October 28, 2013

Cheat River Review Launch Party

This past Friday, the editors, staff, and friends of our online literary journal, Cheat River Review, gathered to celebrate the launch of the inaugural issue. The photos are not the best—sorry about that—but everyone worked so hard, that pics are required, even if some of them are blurry.

Here's editor-in-chief Patric Nuttall telling us that the issue "dropped" that day and showing us around the website. As he said, "check out our blog... it's pretty sweet."

We also heard selections from the journal... read by fiction editor Mari Casey (in costume, for this was a Halloween party too)...

poetry editor Jessica Guzman (not in costume, and, as she said, surprisingly nervous to read someone else's work)... 

and nonfiction editor Sadie Shorr-Parks (dressed as "the old country" and wearing "all the babushkas" her grandma left behind when she moved to Florida).

We also ate Dirty Bird chicken (actual quote from Glenn Taylor who really should be their spokesman: "God, I love this chicken."), and the post-launch festivities included more discussion of costumes and, believe it or not, the playing of board games.

Yep. That's how we roll in creative writing. In the now-famous words of Patric Nuttall, it's pretty sweet. 

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