Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No smart aleck comments when I say..

"Please sir, may I have some more?"...

WVU Libraries marks Dickens’ 200th birthday with exhibits, has original serial works

Long before any children attended Hogwarts, visited Narnia, or met a vampire, a scrawny 9-year old boy raised his empty bowl and asked for more food.

He had no wand, magic spell, nor lion to protect him. Yet the orphan set fear aside and stood up to authority. That literacy moment has inspired millions since Charles Dickens first penned the classic tale Oliver Twist, serially published, 1837-1839. One of the complete serial runs of the novel and other Dickens classics are housed in the WVU Libraries’ Rare Book Room.

“We all appreciate stories in which the little guy fights against the powers that be. That’s a theme with broad appeal,” said Kelly Diamond, a librarian at the West Virginia University Downtown Campus Library.

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