Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dr. Stojanovic

John Ernest just reported:

"Congratulations to Nevena Stojanovic, who successfully defended her dissertation yesterday afternoon. We were so interested in the work she has done on the dissertation that we quite nearly performed a tableau vivant at the end. Nice work, Nevena."

The Tenants are highly amused at the thought of Nevena's committee, John Ernest (Chair), John Lamb, Katy Ryan, Michael Germana, and Heidi Kaufman (University of Delaware), striking a series of poses to illustrate the entire story arc of, say, The Golden Bowl, and, some are now arguing, a "faculty vivant" should become a standard part of all final oral defenses in the future.

The Tenants are also delighted to be able to give their congratulations to Nevena on the completion of her Ph.D.

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