Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poetry in your pants

Last summer, parts of Morgantown were visited by the "Midnight Poet," who would leave cryptic and frankly not very interesting poems on people's porches and doors overnight.  Colson Hall tenant Cari Carpenter received one, and it was fun to speculate about what the writer might be trying to accomplish by secretly distributing poetry door-to-door.  Was it performance art?  A cry for help?  Terrorism?

This video suggests that there might be better ways to be a poetry vandal.

--and while you're at the "Salvo Boutique," Goodwill, or Lucky's Attic, be sure to pick up the requisite pieces for this fall's retro-chic Flashdance look.  Since this is a very complicated ensemble to put together, here are some helpful instructions:

And remember that when it comes to accessories, "You can even add a little bit more, all the way up your wrist, to look like a people in the 80s!"


  1. I knew there was something missing at the time, but only now do I realize that the problem with '80's fashion is that nobody wore poetry.

  2. Nobody wore poetry with one important caveat: "Frankie Say Relax."