Friday, September 16, 2011

Kirk Hazen Receives NSF Grant for "Phonetic Variation in Appalachia"

This just in from Department Chair John Ernest:

Professor Hazen
"I'm very pleased and proud to announce that Kirk Hazen's project, "Phonetic Variation in Appalachia," has been fully funded by the National Science Foundation--a grant of $239,724. Kirk's track record is simply amazing. Since he has been at WVU, this is the third proposal he has had funded by the NSF, and all three were funded on the first review. What continues to impress me the most, however, is Kirk's commitment to this work in all of its manifestations and applications. From the classroom to the community, from his interactions with established scholars to his devoted mentoring of rising students, Kirk approaches his work with a clear sense of the importance of understanding how we have spoken our way through the world--how the world changes our language use and how our language use has the potential to change our worlds."

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