Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Babar Goes Back to School and So Do You

Pretty soon, right? I've had that "Sunday night feeling" since last Saturday, so school must be upon us. But not in a bad way...

Anyway, Babar! Remember him? Your other favorite blogger, Dennis Allen, mentioned the return of breezes—"there was quite the cooling little zephyr" the other night—and I suddenly remembered Babar's monkey friend, who is also named Zephyr. Or Zephir. But close enough, and once I started to think about Babar, I sort of had to write this post. To cheer you up about school. Not that you don't like school, but, well, Babar had to go too and he didn't much like it and, so, um, maybe you can think of him as you get your pencil box in order and all that.

The deal with Babar's return to school was that he complained (don't do that!) and thought that going to school was easier than being a grown-up. (Who knows what he'd say about grown-ups who keep going and going to school...) Of course he was wrong. First his pencil broke; then he sat in gum. Let's not even mention the bus ride. Babar was exhausted. And, he had learned his lesson.

Now that you're remembering Babar I bet you want to know all the characters' names. I know I did. Because, in a lot of ways, Babar himself is sort of the least interesting. Isn't that often the case? So here they are. Or, most of them anyway.

They're having a party, it seems. Maybe for the littlest one's birthday. Or maybe it's their version of the back-to-school department picnic. Ok, so of course that's Babar and his wife, Queen Celeste, standing up in the back. Now the monkey is Zephir, as I told you already. The others... well... here's where I might need your help. I think the elephant with the little hat is Babar's brother-in-law, Arthur. The two younger boys and the girl who seems about their size are the triplets. Right? Pom and Alexander are the boys, and Flora (great name) is the girl. The littlest girl is Isabelle. Pretty sure. Not pictured: The Old Lady (aka Madame) and Cornelius, the wise old elephant whose head is sort of misshapen because, presumably, he's so smart.

So, ok! I feel better. Don't you? And please do feel free to chime in with your Babar knowledge. And yeah, I know, Babar is bad bad bad... those books are criticized for a bunch of things. But it's still early-ish August! Don't get all grumpy yet!

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