Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outstanding GTA Teaching Awards Announced

Congratulations are in order for Teresa Pershing and Courtney Novosat.

Teresa Pershing will receive the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding GTA Award for 2011.

Courtney Novosat will receive the Department of English Exemplary Teaching Award for 2011.

Both awards recognize not only superb teaching but also excellence as a scholar and a community member.

Teresa and Courtney will both be honored at the Department Awards Lunch on April 20th, and Teresa's achievement will also be recognized at the ECAS Brunch on April 16th.*

*News You Can Use: This means that both of them can probably score you some Flying WV cookies if you ask them nicely.

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  1. Congratulations girls! So proud of you both!! --Kristen