Monday, October 11, 2010

October is MFA Program Awareness Month

It seems to be quite a month for the MFA program. First, there was the HuffPo piece (see below) that listed us as one of the Top 20 Underrated Programs in the country (and explained why Mark has been so cagey lately).

Then, today, Mary Ann Samyn's "My Life in Heaven" was featured as "Monday's Poem" in the Arts and Academe section of The Chronicle of Higher Education website.

The Tenants can hardly wait to see what happens next.



  1. I had Mary Ann Samyn as a professor in 2005 and feel she's absolutely amazing. While I did not pursue creative writing as a profession afterward, I feel the time spent in her class was invaluable in terms of approach and rhetoric.

  2. Fellow faculty can second that amazingness! We are quite lucky to have her.