Friday, April 4, 2014

Dr. Lantz

The Tenants are very pleased to be able to announce that Susan Jennings Lantz is now Dr. Susan Jennings Lantz after her successful dissertation defense this afternoon. The conversation with the committee (Laura Brady, Anna Elfenbein, John Lamb, Janice Spleth, and yours truly) and with the extensive Lantzian entourage that attended the defense was wide-ranging, covering everything from the suppressed eroticism evident in Shirley Temple movies to the crisis in American masculinity during the 1930's to the use of the concept of suture in film and cultural criticism. References to Divergent, Up, and The Best Years of Our Lives were thrown in for good measure, with Susan fielding questions and raising interesting points for further discussion with her typical vivacity. A good time really was had by all, and the Tenants heartily congratulate her.

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