Friday, April 4, 2014

The 2014 EGO Colloquium Poster & Program

(Pop) Culture
Please join us for the 2014 English Graduate Organization Colloquium on the theme of (Pop) Culture.

This year’s keynote address will be:
Dr. Melinda Maureen Lewis, Bowling Green State University:
“Keep the Job, Not the Guy:
The Problematic Pleasure of Single Girls”

The Colloquium will also feature panels, roundtables,
and creative writing readings!

Saturday, 12 April 2014
Colson Hall (Registration outside 130)

To be followed by a Potluck Dinner at Valerie Surrett’s house.

West Virginia University English Graduate Organization
2014 Graduate Colloquium
Sat. 12 April 2014


9:30-10:20: Sign In, Meet & Greet, Coffee Time, Welcoming Statement from Jeff Yeager
Colson lobby & Colson 130

10:30-11:50: First Session

Colson 130—“Women’s Work” in Post WWII American Society
Moderator: Ryan Fletcher
  • Lindsey Macdonald, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “Cyber Battling the Virgin Mary: Freethinking Mothers’ Emergence from the Periphery.”
  • Katie Garahan, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “Those Who Can’t Do, Teach: Women’s Work on the Margins of Capitalism.”
  • Alexis Priestley, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “A Blog of One's Own: Gendered Culinary Practice in Online Spaces.”

Colson G06—Zizek in/and Pop Culture
Moderator: Jeffrey Yeager
  • Carol Fox, WVU, :”Title TBD”
  • Whitney Sandin, WVU, “"What is Normal?: The Traumatic Kernel of Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
  • Heather Murton, WVU: “The Big "O": Pornography, Fantasy, and the Other in Don Jon.”

Colson 223—Poetry
  • Xin Tian Koh, WVU
  • Jessica Guzman, WVU
  • Sara Kearns, WVU
  • Patrick Nutall, WVU

12:00-1:20: Lunch Break, Morgantown

1:30-2:50: Second Session

Colson 130—Deviance/Horror in Pop Culture
Moderator: Jeffrey Yeager
  • Emma Briscoe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ: "An Exercise in Visual Disorientation: A Closer Look at Christopher Shy's Dead Space Graphic Novels"

  • Kenna Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ: “ ‘The Night HE Came Home’: Gender, Power, and POV in John Carpenter’s Halloween

  • Elizabeth Vest, Concord Univ: “Wicked is the New Innocence”

  • Victoria Dickman-Burnett, WVU: “The Aesthetics of Vulgarity in the Works of Roberto Bolaño”

Colson G06—Historicizing Pop Culture
Moderator: Greg Tolliver
  • Bethany Biesinger, Univ of Pittsburgh: “Gil Junger Presents the Taming of the Riot Grrrl: An Examination of the Film Soundtrack 10 Things I Hate About You and Its Use of the Riot Grrrl Persona to Portray the Modern Day Shakespearean Shrew”

  • Abby Daniel, Marshall Univ: “An Exploration of the Development of the Bedtrick:
From Medieval Literature to the Modern Sitcom How I Met Your Mother

  • Sarah Paxton, Concord Univ: “The Meth Cook and the Thief: Our Glorious Antiheroes”

  • Kyle Winkler, Univ of Pittsburgh: “Popular Comedians Are Doing Rhetorical Scholarship for Us”

Colson G18— Lacan Against Humanity Roundtable
·         Harrington Weihl, WVU
·         Jay Kirby, WVU
·         Whitney Sandin, WVU
·         Dibyadyuti Roy, WVU
·         Carol Fox, WVU

Colson 223—Fiction
  • Hailey Foglio, WVU: an excerpt from Through Babel

  • JoAnna St. Germain, WVU: an excerpt from Virginia May

  • Shaun Turner, WVU: “Tennessee Waltz”

3:00-4:00: Keynote Address, Colson 130

4:10-5:30: Session Three

Colson 130—Cultural Icons
Moderator: Sam Horrocks

  • Jeffrey Yeager, WVU: “Mudsills and Rude Mechanics: Reading Melville's “Bartleby the Scrivener” through Southern Indictments of Northern Labor.”
  • Aaron Rovan, WVU: “Restoring the Female Voice in Rukeyser’s The Book of the Dead and Maxo Vanka’s Murals”

  • Kevin Smith, Concord Univ: “The Gonzo Effect: Hunter S. Thompson’s Indelible
Influence Upon the Modern Media”

  • Clint Wilson, WVU: “Belonging for Belongingness: The Politics of Sexuality in Literature of Exile”

Colson G06—Twentieth Century American Drama
Moderator: Carol Fox
  • Ryan Fletcher, WVU: “Flowers, Blood, and Skin: Maria Bonner’s The Purple Flower”

  • Maria Barron, WVU: “Driving While Black: Individual and Collective Trauma in Sleep Deprivation Chamber, Boyz N the Hood, and Menace II Society”

  • Valerie Surrett, WVU: “We're a Civilized Race, We Bury our Dead': Criticisms of War and Labor Propaganda in Irwin Shaw's Bury the Dead."

  • Harrington Weihl, WVU: “No Way Back: Epic Theatre and The Enlightenment Origins of Brecht's Mother Courage”

Colson G18—Methods and Practices for Knowing and Teaching in Composition/Rhetoric
Moderator: Heather Murton
  • Philip Zapkin, WVU: “Historiography’s Linguistic (Re)Turn: Aristotle’s Rhetoric and the Ethical Role of Multiplicity in Contemporary Historiography”

  • Tia DeShong, WVU: “Empowering Basic Writers: The Politics of Literacy in the Composition Classroom”

  • Katie Hubbard, WVU: “Sharing versus Submitting: The Effects of Different E-Portfolio Platforms on Student Perceptions of Ownership”

  • Bhushan Aryal, WVU: “The Resurgence of Voice in Digital Composition”

Colson 223—Nonfiction Reading: “The Working Man’s MFA”
  • Jessie Kalvatis, WVU
  • JoAnna St. Germain, WVU
  • Another writer TBD

6:00-?: Potluck Dinner at Valerie Surrett’s house! (for transportation assistance, please see a Colloquium worker)

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