Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alumni News: Dom Ashby

The Tenants were all sitting on the back veranda this afternoon, trying to stay cool in all the heat and humidity, and young Miss Queener was just beginning her description of the Multidisciplinary Studies Ball last weekend, which was fancy dress, with the guests asked to come as various fields of study, when a telegram arrived from an old friend of the Tenants, Dom Ashby (M.A. 2001).

It seems to be quite the summer for Dom since he announced that he has an article,"Uchi/Soto in Japan: A Global Turn," that has just come out in Rhetoric Society Quarterly. You can find the link to access it here. Even better, Dom said that he'll be defending his dissertation in July and receiving his Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric from the English Department at Miami University of Ohio, where, this coming year, he'll be a Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition. The Tenants heartily congratulate him on both accomplishments.

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