Monday, February 21, 2011

There Will Be Creepy Raffle Items: MFA Spring Reading

Mark your calendars, Tenants (perhaps with a smiley face sticker, perhaps with a gold star, I'll leave that up to you), for Friday, March 4th from 6 to 8 pm, as that is the date and time to come to Zenclay for COW's Spring MFA Reading. Huzzah! Featured readers and Joinery rockstars are Aaron Hoover, Elissa Hoffman, and Christina Rothenbeck, along with an exceptional smattering (back-up dancers, if you will) of fictioneers, poets, and non-fic wonders.

This semester's reading includes a very special feature I like to call RAFFLEMANIA! All caps. Exclamation point. For the low, low price of $1 per ticket or $5 for 10 tickets, you too can enter RAFFLEMANIA!, setting yourself up for a chance to win books by Mark Brazaitis, Jim Harms, Mary Ann Samyn, Ethel Morgan-Smith, and Erin Tocknell. But that's not all! As fabulous as those prizes are, your book will be paired with either a gift certificate from a local merchant, an IOU for Katie Fallon's book due out this fall, a wicker duck holding tiny wine, a sparkly monarch butterfly wall hanging, or this deer made of twigs:

Behold, googly eyes and one antler! You know you want it.

Or how about this...thing?

Creepy, right? In a rare and wonderful I-must-have-it sort of way?

And that's just a teaser. More to come, folks, more to come. Tickets for RAFFLEMANIA! will go on sale a week before the event, and you don't have to be present to win. (Although, if you are present you get to come into posession of your creepy twig-deer that much sooner, along with winning the love and affection of your MFAs.) Seek out Rebecca Schwab to buy your advance tickets, and we hope to see you at the reading!

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  1. Heather, your posts always make me smile... I can't wait to see Said Items at the reading! Brilliant advertisement! :) :)