Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hiring News....

...which is sort of like The Shipping News, except that it's about hiring.

The Tenants are very pleased to announce that, in the words of Placement Director John Ernest:

"Matt Ferrence has accepted a [tenure-track] position as Assistant Professor at Allegheny College, which he says is 'truly a perfect fit.'  As many of you know, Matt has both an MFA and a PhD, and he will teach both nonfiction writing and literature."


"Sohinee Roy has accepted a [tenure-track] position as Assistant Professor at North Central College, an outstanding institution.  This is a great job, and Sohinee was their first and unanimous choice for the position."

The Tenants extend their congratulations not only to Matt and Sohinee but also to Sohinee's mother, who has been sworn to secrecy until the signed contract was returned and who now can tell anyone she wants.

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