Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh C'mon!

Click to enlarge. Number of visits by state indicated in virtually identical shades of green.
As regular readers of TCH will recall, we noted in July that we'd received visits from every state but one. Although alumnus Dave Foreman pledged to set off to Wyoming and log in from there, we haven't heard a word since we handed him a basket of fried chicken through the car window and waved him goodbye down the road. As of today, matters still stand as pictured above. Dear Wyoming, it's okay if you want to ignore us, but we'd like Dave back, please.


  1. Still working on this. I'll be home soon. Pretty nice out here.


    P.S. Kids are in the mail.

  2. The likely reason that you've had no hits from Wyoming has commented here is that pronghorn antelope, which outnumber people in this state by quite a lot, keep us shooing them from our yards instead of using the internet. But hello now from Wyoming and the wild world of Casper College!

  3. Thanks to both of you!

    Dave, could you bring back that basket too?