Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pushcart Prize nominees

Thanks to the extraordinary literary taste of a sagacious sprite*, WVU is rolling in Pushcart Prize nominations. A partial list:

Connie Pan (first-year MFA) "The Patron Saint of Exits" (fiction)
Katie Fallon (MFA graduate) "The Youngest Eagle" (nonfiction)
Charity Gingerich (third-year MFA) "Of the Meadow" (nonfiction)
Sara Pritchard (MFA graduate) "Help Wanted: Female" (fiction)
Kelly Sundberg (second-year MFA) "Secrets and Lies" (nonfiction)
John Shumate (MFA graduate) "Contessa's Diesel Phone" (fiction)
Justin D. Anderson (second-year MFA) "Brushfire" (fiction)

* The sagacious sprite is none other than WVU MFA student (and Pushcart Prize winner) Sarah Einstein.

Best of luck, everyone!


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  1. Very impressive. Congratulations, you guys!