Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello, world.

I'd thought I'd inaugurate my inaugural Blog post with a piece of writing advice. These writing tips could become a regular feature of this Blog if a) I remember to do them; and b) You don't hate them.

So: Writing Tip #1

Tuck tag lines between quotations of two sentences or more rather than placing them at the end. This way, what is said, rather than who is saying it, is emphasized.

Instead of: “You’re not my friend. You’re my bitterest enemy,” Alfred said. Write: “You’re not my friend,” Alfred said. “You’re my bitterest enemy.”

Please note: None of the six Alfreds I know considers me his enemy. So this is not an autobiographical example. Unless that ominous knocking on the door is Alfred.

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  1. How could anyone hate writing advice from THE Mark Brazaitis? :) Keep it up.