Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Well, we are famous for our outstanding teaching...

—So it stands to reason that we'd also have many outstanding teachers among our graduate students. And of course we don't like to choose among them, but choose we must, just this once, at the request of the Dean's office.

So—drumroll please—this year's Outstanding GTA is Rebecca Doverspike. Should she be unable to fulfill her duties (by which I mean shaking some hands at an award ceremony or two), we'll be turning to Jessi Lewis and Dominique Bruno, who are also quite outstanding. Congratulations all around.

And, for your reading pleasure, here is the official announcement from Adam Komisaruk:

Congratulations to Rebecca Doverspike, who has been selected as the English Department recipient of the 2013-2014 Eberly College Outstanding GTA Award! Rebecca will receive a plaque at the College awards ceremony later this spring, a certificate at the English awards luncheon on Wednesday, April 16th and a free book of her choosing.

Congratulations also to Dominique Bruno and Jessi Lewis, who have received English Department Exemplary Teaching Awards! They will each be presented with a certificate at the English awards luncheon and a free book of their choosing.

The selection committee (Ballentine, Brady, Komisaruk, Samyn, Sura) had the honor of reviewing some remarkable portfolios from this year's nominees. Please join us in saluting the winners and all our graduate students for their distinguished contributions to the research, teaching and service missions of the English Department.

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