Sunday, January 26, 2014

Here's your big chance

Do you read The New Yorker or The New York Times or The New Republic or The LA Times or Slate? Or maybe you listen to NPR or frequent the Poetry Foundation website? Or maybe you're just in the know?

Probably you are.

And in that case, you're already aware that our 2014 Summer Seminar workshop leader, Marta Werner, is all over the place right now on account of her new book, co-edited with poet and artist Jen Bervin, of Emily Dickinson's envelope poems.

The Gorgeous Nothings.

Is that a great title or what??

And you, yes you!, can meet the very amazing Marta and study with her right here in Morgantown in June! What are you waiting for? How often does this kind of opportunity come along?

If you're like us, you're snowed in anyway. You might as well think about June and read some poems and send in your registration right this very minute.

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