Friday, November 22, 2013

Undergraduate PWE Poster Exhibition Replay

On Thursday the Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) program hosted the biannual PWE Poster Exhibition. PWE concentrators are required to complete a capstone internship  in professional or technical communication, and their posters are an opportunity for them to showcase their work for the university community. This fall, fourteen students shared posters at the event, representing a diverse range of internships, from the U.S. Embassy in London to all 55 counties of West Virginia via WVU Extension Services to the ground floor of Colson Hall and the English department’s own Center for Literary Computing (CLC). Interns learned and practiced skills in social media, editing, event planning and marketing, feature writing, and publishing.

Prizes are awarded for the best posters, and this semester the top prize went to Beth Warnick for her poster "Independent Contracting in the Professional Field: The Many Jobs of a Single Writer in Academia," which showcased her work for the WVU religious studies program.

Second prize went to Melissa Yost for her poster “Summer Abroad: Editor at the U.S. Embassy in London, England.”

Third prize went to Lisa Romeo for her poster “My Internship as a Contributing Writer & Social Media Intern with My Morgantown eMagazine.
Congratulations to all of the interns on their accomplishments this term, including:
  • Emilee White, who interned with Trillium Performing Arts Collective and The Lewis Theatre in Lewisburg, WV. She worked on promotions for theater events, press releases, and a Kickstarter campaign that was successful in raising “39K in 39 Days” to purchase a new digital projector for the historic Lewis Theatre. 
  •  Kristen Talerico, who interned with the English department’s CLC, using Adobe Indesign, editing, and proofreading skills in work on The ELMCIP Report. 
  • Chrissy Hanna, who interned with Courtesy Associates in Washington, D.C., working on event planning and digital promotion for non-profits, government, technical, and medical societies. 
  • Drew Lovejoy, who interned with the CLC, editing, formatting, and coding several book projects for multiple electronic formats. 
  • Zane Lacko, who interned with WVU Extension Services, writing press releases, feature articles, speeches, and agent biographies.
  •  Keelin McGill, who interned with the CLC and contributed comprehensive editing and digital formatting skills to the Electronic Book Review. 
  • Amy Marino, who interned with Forever 21, working on internal communication including a weekly employee newsletter, manager communication logs, posters, and a new-hire interview policy. 
  • Zachary Wied, who interned with Eventstyle in New York, using various social media platforms to connect with multiple audiences for multiple purposes, from current and prospective clients to vendors. 
  • Kassandra Roberts, who interned with the CLC, editing, indexing, formatting, and proofreading PO.EX, a collection of essays from Portugal.
Thank you to everyone who supported these talented English majors by attending the poster exhibit, especially the three graduate students (Natalie Carpini, Sara Ash, and Jay Kirby) who performed the difficult task of evaluating and narrowing down the top three poster presenters.

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