Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jim Harms and the Poetic All-Stars

Kudos to Professor Jim Harms, who as guest editor (poetry) of this month's Connotation Press ( has put together a stellar lineup of poets from around the world.

Jim's special section leads off with work by Tomaz Salamun, frequently mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature and featured on the back of today's New York Times' Week in Review. Things hit a brief rough spot with poems by a fiction writer masquerading as a poet (whose name and mug shot are suspiciously similar to mine) before soaring again with poems by Professor Mary Ann Samyn, MFA graduate Maggie Glover, WVU BA in English graduate Ben Doyle (now Ben Doller), and a dozen (non-WVU-affiliated) others.

There's nothing more to want -- except, perhaps, for an acrostic poem or haiku—or, heck, even a grocery list—from the pen of Professor Dennis Allen. But then we'd be greedy.

Connotation Press is founded by WVU MFA in Creative Writing grad Ken Robidoux. Check it out.



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